Sunday, August 21, 2011

2012 Audi TTS SOON

A while back, Audi began tidying the TT lineup, dropping the limited-point V-6 and leaving the base 200-hp turbo four that we know and adoration. Then after that the TTS dropped, with a 265-hp form of the 2.0T and--what's this? --a double-clutch programmed just? Suddenly, having too numerous decisions didn't appear like the embodiment of a regretful thing.

Not that there's anything off with the TTS. As a matter of fact, there's small the issue with it-its a quick (0 to 60 mph in as meager as 4.9 approves, declares Audi), skilled, stunningly lovely wears auto. Unfortunately, it unequivocally doesn't mix the soul the way a $50,000 wears auto should.

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