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2011 Buick Excel XT | super speed cars | used cars

                                         2011 Buick Excelle XT Image

2011 Buick Excel XT news, photos and information Shanghai GM will launch Excel Buick coupe-like sedan XT
Shanghai - Shanghai GM officially started today, Buick sales in China XT Excel. The five-door coupe version of the compact - which has been called the most attractive car in the world premiere at the Guangzhou International Auto Show in November - not available. Price 134,900 RMB (U.S. $ 19.800) RMB 185,900 (U.S. $ 27.200).
"Elegant design, innovation and excellence, Excel XT offers a dynamic driving experience," according to Joseph Liu, executive vice president of Shanghai GM. "It sets new standards for performance and refinement in § egmènt fee."
Dynamic Style
Front-wheel drive Excel XT is a new design language for Buick. It is a brash, confident attitude. This dynamic line is complemented by a sophisticated plastic surfaces. Strong cab forward silhouette sharply raked windshield and roofline back and drop a line shoulder whispering style gives it a sporty coupe. Six colors are offered.
Language leads to the appearance of the finely crafted interior. Signature feature is a round instrument panel, wing-shaped curve at the top of the outdoor unit. Excel version of the XT sports a red and black interior space humanitarian basis, and two-tone instrument panel-style sports.
This supports Excel and XT ratio increased space for passengers. A number of storage areas on board. Flex-floor rear cargo area is very convenient, because the goods transported.
Effective action
Excel XT Drivetrain formation includes three engines, high power density, low power consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and less weight to a minimum: a high-efficiency motors Ecotec VVT-D, 1.6 and 1 transfers, 8-liter and 1.6-liter turbocharged engine.
180 hp turbo engine and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h 9.0 seconds Superboost unique feature of the comes, the engine torque is 235 Nm. This means that the most powerful production engine in its class, and the transmission system is ideal for those whose priority is to athletic performance.
XT is based on Excel, the most recent global GM architecture. We have a solid team. The latter, called the new Buick suspension system - a complex crankshaft Watts link. The result is improved handling and greater driving comfort.
Enhanced Security
Excel XT is a dual high-performance tires and brakes and electronic stability control, traction control and other features integrated active safety. A solid body structure using Excel XT, as well as restrictions designed to exceed crash safety standards throughout the world. The maximum level of China's five-star NCAP safety.
"The Buick Excel XT launch increases the portfolio in China, bridging the gap between Buick entire product portfolio," said Kevin Thong, president and CEO of GM China Group. "Trio of models, introduced in space of 13 months, will ensure that the Buick is the first premium car buyers demanding vehicles."

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